The Windy City

We’re expecting some crazy weather tonight definitely will be taking pics to share with you all. In the meantime let’s admire this beautiful skyline 


Mixing Baking Soda w/Shampoo

Recently I heard that mixing baking soda with your shampoo, gives your hair volume & leaves your hair less oily.

So…. Last week I decided to try it

Baking Soda w/Shampoo = Less oily hair & Volume???? True or False


 I used 2 spoon fulls of baking soda and mixed it with my John Frieda sheer blonde shampoo.(As seen below)



I turned into this purple/cloudy mixture, make sure to mix well and no baking soda clumps could be seen. I lathered as I normally would, it didn’t have this soap, suds feel to it, but no worries ladies it doing its job. Make sure to gently massage entire scalp and let it sit for 1-3 minutes.  Rinse scalp well follows with your conditioner as you normally word. I let my hair air dry and noticed it did, in fact, have a lot of volume to it. I was surprised.

Back Story on Baking Soda: 

Baking soda is known as a fantastic cleaning product in general. Its main benefit is the fact that it is a mild alkali with fine, slightly abrasive particles. These two factors work together to break down dirt and grease incredibly effectively, leaving your hair super squeaky clean. It also is not a common irritant and so should not cause issues for most people.

The true test would be overnight because my hair becomes so oily overnight it’s ridiculous. I tossed my hair in a bun and went to the bed, the next morning first I did was check my hair and I kid you not. My hair had a ton of volume and it wasn’t as I was in shock. I am swearing by this I even tested it with my Kevin Murphy shampoo as well, I had the same result. The only thing I would avoid is my tips, they did get a little dry. But overall my hair feels amazing. I will be continuing using baking soda for the next couple weeks and I will be updating you all on how it continues working for me.

I’d loved to hear if you’ve have used baking soda with your shampoo and how it worked for you???

First Post!


Save time with your Morning Routine.

I personally disliked getting up early when I was younger, but I’ve gotten accustomed to getting up early. But I know some days you really wanna hit the snooze button and get back under the warm covers. yep! We’ve all been there at least once in our lives or more. I’ve hit that snooze button myself more than once and then the WORST HAPPENS! I oversleep thru my alarm and now I’m doing the rushing to get ready. Which results in wearing a random outfit +random shoes + my hair isn’t combed + no time for makeup + crossing my fingers I didn’t forget anything and I’m out the door.



Here are some tips that I use to make my mornings a little easier

  1. Plan ahead – I swear by this, take a time the night before pack your lunch, get your purse together, set your outfit out the night before or anything you may need for tomorrow. Trust me it saves time, in the morning all you have to do is wake up and start your morning feeling a little less worried about what you’re going to wear, what you’ll be taking for lunch etc.
  2. Wake up to some Tunes – I usually listen to the radio in the morning, 93.9fm to be exact. This works for me I feel more awake after hearing some upbeat music, and a mini dance party while brushing my teeth or doing my hair. Why not, turn on your favorite jams while you get ready, just make sure to stay on time.
  3. Keep it simple with the Glam– Ladies I know this one may be hard. But find a makeup routine that’s simple and easy that fits you. (but popping at the same time) Same with your hair, find a routine where it’s easy for you in the morning.
  4. COFFEE- Caffeine is my best friend in the morning, I would go to Starbucks on my way to school or work but ya know. Starbucks every day it adds up, so I have my trusty Keurig who gets the job done. I simply pop in a k-cup and in a few minutes I’ll have my cup of joe. YUM! Whether it’s coffee or OJ or tea, give your bod a little pick me up in the morning.
  5. Eat – I never ever use to eat breakfast in the morning, and it sucked. I’d feel so sluggish by 10 am.I learned to eat breakfast in the morning, even if something small a banana or oatmeal whatever you’d like. Have yourself morning bite in morning.

Everyone is different tho, these tips have helped me make my morning easier for me. I hope these tips help you all with your morning routine. I’d love to hear about your morning routines, feel free to share!!