Happy Friday!!’ 🍾🍾🍾

                              It’s Friday!!! 💁🏽

               We made it thru the week, wooo! 

Who has plans for the weekend!! I sure don’t, but if you do have a drink for your girl!!! lol!


Tea Time w/Kim! ☕️🐸

Alright, guys you’ve been waiting for this one.

Introducing Tea Time  ☕️🐸


So earlier this I posted on my Ig a photo, not thinking anything would happen. Little did I know, but a certain ex (hubby’s ex) wanted to step into my office and try me. I wasn’t going.

Over the past few months, I noticed her lurking on my profile for no reason. Hubby and I noticed that certain profiles would follow us, which so happened to be linked to her. The extremes she went too, it’s just sad. Since my fiancee has is on private, mine is private before, I don’t follow her nor do I ever want too. So I had this photo saved on my phone, just sitting there wait for the right time, and that time was Monday. Becuase at this point, I’d had enough you got something to say or have a question let your girl know. Cause I know she was lurking I could see her viewing my stores and shit. Worst Lurker Ever!!


I honestly didn’t think anyone would comment you know but in less in 10 mins, it wasn’t even 10 am too LOL! DING DING DING!

Well here is her response.


The thing is the 2 times they dated, she was cheating the whole time and he was to one to break it off. He only stayed with her the second by time because she basically begged him to take her back, he admits it was a mistake to take her ass back. Honestly, I don’t like drama, I don’t engage in it, she obviously isn’t over the past and I had to put an end to it. The past is the past move on, your an ex for a reason. Especially if she’s the one who cheated, so don’t come at me when I air out her dirty laundry easily.


Then she wants to step out my office quick as hell, Nah Nah I wasn’t going to let her off easy. I’ma make my point clear, keep my mans name out your mouth. Move on!!!

We are happily in love ❤

By this time I have my sister, my best friend blowing up my phone asking me to explain what’s going down in my post. LOL! I have friends commenting on my post, hubby is at work the whole time.

I love you guys! 🙂 you know who you are!!


Soon after I posted my response she quietly deleted all her responses and I blocked her. Let me be clear I never ever mentioned her on the post, she only justified my post by making a comment. I haven’t spoken to this female in years, she’s the one with issues with me and hubby. Hubby and I could care less of her but we had a great laugh over dinner Monday, we mentioned this funny story to his brother we share equal dislikes in this female. So, in the end, we all had a great laugh, she did give my followers a good juicy post to read.

Hubby was surprised how calm I was and how I reacted. He expected me to “pop off” but like I explained to him, I could less of her. But I will defend myself and hubby with the facts, classy and a little bit a Sass.

Well, that was my Monday this week, meanwhile, I’m in class this would go down. LOL!!

I hope you enjoyed Tea Time, make sure to check out my other blogs!

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New Color: Milk Holographic Stick

If you love their holographic stick you are going to fall in love with this new shade.



I got a sneak peak today thanks to trendmood1, no other details were given. I personally haven’t use any products from Milk Makeup, but I’ve only great things from others. Milk Makeup is a new cosmetic brand but it has exploded with popularity but how easy their products are to use.

As always I’ll keep you all posted!!


Wendys = Savage!! LOL

As you may hear Mickey D’s will starting using real beef in its quarter pounders. YUCK! So what kind of meat have they been using all this time? Hmm. Well, whatever that’s not the important part. I stumbled upon this tweet from Wendys.


Well played Wendy’s, but they asked a great question, in which we were all thinking. LOL! You’re the real Mvp Wendys!!!


LOL Wendys!!! I got such a kick out of their reply.

But just went you thought Wendy’s would stop there, nope.


I wonder who handles Wendy’s account give that person a raise.


YES!! Indeed you are Wendy’s!! You are our spirit animal!!

Just some humor for your Thursday afternoon!!


Introducing: Toby Thursdays!! 🐶

Toby Thursday’s!!

My best friend Jules (her nickname) has the cutest dog ever, and he is also my fur god baby. So I had the thought well who doesn’t like puppies, so let’s start Toby Thursday’s!! Ever Thursday you’ll be getting a weekly dose of Toby. Trust me you won’t be disappointed, give yourself a weekly pick me up!!!

Toby is a 4-year-old boxer, who enjoys living life like a G! He enjoys cuddles from his mama, long walks, a good bone or 2 and lots of love!!


This was the first day I met Toby bear, he gave me allergies up the ass lol. It was so worth it tho I feel in love. Look at that nose!!!

 Quay Australia X Desi Perkins 

Just in time for the summer!!

I personally don’t own a pair of her original collab with quay Australia, well at least now yet. But just in time for summer, they’re releasing new colors.


Then a Sahara Desert Collection 😱🔥😍

“Olive, Orange Faded, and Yellow”

Your probably asking well when will it be available for purchase

APRIL 3RD!!!!!

$60 each

Who’s excited 🙋🏽

As always I will keep you all posted!!


New: Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter !!


They will be launching on hudabeauty.com on 4/17! There will be 2 versions, Golden Sands, & Pink Sands! Each will cost $45.

Who’s Excited, cause I sure am!

Each will have 1 cream highlighter + 3 powder highlighters  = $45 YES PLEASE!



This has BLING BLING all over it! I am so excited for this, we all have heard the rumors and Huda have been giving us sneak peeks. Here she is!!!


Palette 1





Palette 2






Each shade is inspired by beaches around the world. I LOVE LOVE LOVE! We happened seen anything like this before so this will sell out quick. But it will available at a later date on other retails sites, I’ll keep you posted on when it becomes available.

Who’s Buying!!