Nicole Guerriero’s New Glow Kit!

A major SHOUTOUT to Anatasia Beverly Hills, because this new glow kit is amazing.

Available at &

The swatches on this baby are to DIE FOR! If you didn’t know Youtuber Nicole Guerriero, she has been on youtube for years now and recently teamed up with the amazing Norvina (Creative Director for ABH & daughter of Anatasia )to bring this beauty to life.

The colors are just breath taking!!

In case you were wondering where you could get your hands on one of these palettes, they went on sale for $40 each on & As of this morning, it was sold out on I checked Anastasia’s website, it’s not live yet but it’s expected to release today! So keep your eyes peeled ladies.

Congrats Nicole!!

I will definitely be trying to get my hands on this glow kit ASAP!

Stay tuned for a review on the glow kit when I get it.

Here’s a link to Nicole’s Youtube channel

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