Beauty and the Beast!

In Theaters March 17th

The classic Beauty and the best, Disney has done it again!! With the live-action take on the classic 1991 movie.

Emma Watson fills the role of our beloved Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast. I am beyond excited to watch this movie, it does come out a day before my birthday too!! SHOUTOUT TO DISNEY !! Anyone who knows me, knows I am Disney junkie. I love anything Disney especially the princesses, as a little girl, you could catch me playing dress up pretending I was Belle, Cinderella, Ariel etc.The first time I saw the trailer for this film I literally just stopped my conversation with my boyfriend and just stared at the screen, and I remember telling him I HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE. LOL. Ever since I’ve had Beauty and the Beast on the brain. DONT JUDGE ME! I’m pretty sure any women could relate to me, we all have our inner princess just waiting to come out.


I’m excited to see how both movies will relate, but the visuals and the about of detail are mesmerizing. Emma Watson you better werk! Oh, the memories as a little girl dancing to the Beauty and the Best with my little plastic Belle heels.

Lumière & Cogsworth


Remember in Theaters March 17th, Tickets are available for purchase

Here’s the official video with John Legend & Ariana Grande!!


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