Nicole’s Glow Kit!!

So my sister surprised me with Nicole’s glow kit for my birthday. Thanks, Jen!! Anyways so I took photos of swatches and of the palette, (it’s to die for).

Index Finger: 143 Middle Finger: GLO-GETTER  Ring Finger: FOREVER LIT
Index Finger: KITTY KAT Middle Finger: FOREVER YOUNG Ring Finger: DAYDREAM

The pigmentation on this glow kit is so intense, for easy application. I normally use a fan brush when putting on highlighter. Recently I was watching Jeffree Star’s  review on her glow kit, and he mentioned combining together highlighters. Honestly, why didn’t I think of this before, by combining both highlighters you kinda get a little of both. Just don’t overdue it trust me ladies it could be hard. LOL !

If your a Jefree fan here is a link to his video review on Nicole’s Glow Kit

Avaiable for purchase at

ABH Link:

Sephora Link:

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