Birthday Week!!!

I may be a little behind on my birthday week, it’s been a busy week for me.



I remember as a little girl I’d have a countdown to when my birthday was and every morning I’d run around the house reminding my sister, and parents how many days were left. That was then now I’m just grateful for the another year of life, for my amazing boyfriend, family, I could keep on going but i won’t.Now if you were to ask me what I’ll be doing for my birthday I have no idea. My mother asked me that same question days ago and my response “IDK”. lol!

Help a sista out people! Give a girl some ideas.

In case you wondering my birthday is this Saturday. Woot!! The BIG 23!!


Just watch me end up with my fav food, my boyfriend, and a couple bottles of some bubbly and some casino playing.That actually sounds like a good time, eh I’m up for anything. ย Yea I know I am about to turn 23 and I’ve never been to a casino, that should be an experience.

Until the next one….




4 thoughts on “Birthday Week!!!

  1. What date is your birthday?? I use to have a countdown as well and still have but not for mine anymore but for my dad. He’s birthday was five days before mine so it was easy to count!

    I wish I was 23 too! Haha โ™กโ™ก

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