Birthday Nails: Chrome Nails

As I mentioned before tomorrow is my birthday, so I decided to treat myself to getting my nails done.

I went to my nail salon that’s in my neighborhood, after a couple minutes of trying to decide on what to do. I decided on chrome nails, some of you have probably heard of the new nail trend chrome nails. I have gotten chrome done before but didn’t have a good experience with it. This time around my nail tech took her time to do each nail and perfected each one. I was so pleased with the results, we did a green base coat o chip followed by the chrome powder. Then sealed it with a no chip top coat, end results were amazing! Once I got feed oreo (my cat) I took photos on my nails.

Love them!!




Totally in love with my nails, I am set for my birthday now.

Also, I wanted to thank everyone who enjoyed my boyfriend tag, Matt & I enjoyed sharing our story with everyone!!

Much love


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