Let’s Get Personal: Boyfriend Tag!!

I’m usually a private person, being a blogger you kinda can’t be or you find a medium. We enjoy keeping our personal lives private but our story is pretty interesting, and after having a chat with him. We decided well let’s share it!!


Matt & I met way back in elementary school, I had recently moved to the area and this was a new school for me. He was one of the few people who spoke to me on my 1st day, from that day our friendship started. We both went one to have our own friendships, we briefly dated, and broke up, but come on, what did we know about love. I remember running home after school to jump on the computer just to talk to him on yahoo messenger. LOL! Who remembers yahoo messenger, oh man! We would talk for hours, he was the one person who I genuinely knew I could trust as a kid. Matt being a kid would always get into trouble, and me loving me a bad boy thought that was so cute. During 8th grade, he would always mention moving away or his family planning on moving away, secretly I always hoped he didn’t (he never did). By this time I was crushing hard on him, but he was with someone else. After we graduated from elementary school, we both ended up going to the same high school together. We keep in touch during high school I’d see him passing thru the hallways, and occasionally we would text. Anyone who’s been in high school knows you see so many people it’s hard to keep in touch. We both had our own cliques, but from time to time we would hang out. By this time I knew I loved him, he just didn’t know it yet, I was just to chicken to say anything. Can you believe in our 4 years at the same high school, we never had a class together. Crazy! In our senior year, I had an internship downtown where I left school after 5th period, right before I left I’d always pass by his locker to chat with him aka (flirt with him) he just never caught on. It was like my routine before leaving seeing him, it would make my day. A few times when I didn’t go to IMG_1938.JPGmy internship I’d take the bus home, Matt would always pass by picking me up and dropping me off at home. We would sometimes head to the lake if it was a nice day, we would just talk. Once we graduated we both went separate ways, we would randomly message each other from time to time. We would hang out some night, I remember them all we would hold hands, rest my head on him, you could tell we liked each other we just didn’t wanna take the jump. After some time we both date people and about our lives, I honestly think we had to go grow up individually before it was our time. Matt & I agree that we had to go thru some stuff before we were destined to find each other. In 2015 towards to end maybe October if I’m not mistaken, we started talking again. Before anything we can to clear the air, about a certain someone who turns out didn’t want me to have any contact with him. Which explained a lot of unanswered questions I had. I had broken up with my ex and wasn’t ready to date honestly, but he understood and waited. Put up with me and my guard for months, I had a very fragile heart and in a really bad place in my life. But he stood by me and honestly, showed me what love really means. All those hidden feelings began to blossom, I began feeling things I never felt before and I couldn’t believe it but I was falling in love. I felt a love for someone that I knew I’d be spending the rest of life with that person. I remember the day he asked me to become his girlfriend, I cried like a baby. You could even ask him. Lol! Ever since then it’s been nothing but love & happiness, Matt is my life partner, I know for a fact that he is meant for me.

This photo was taken way back in 2012. One of the many times we would hang out.

The feelings I feel for him, I’ve never felt before for

anyone. He tells me every day how much he loves, he has shown me with flaws and all he will always love me. He taught me it’s okay to trust someone and
give them your heart, he taught me how to love, love unconditionally. He is someone who I’ve known most of my life, I am so lucky to have him in my life. God put him in my life to better me, rescue me in a sense from where I was years ago, I am forever grateful. I love forward to spending the rest of my life with him.

Wooo!! I did shed a couple tears typing this, but that’s our story. I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoyed sharing with you all.

Love you, baby!




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