All About Hair Care!!!

Hair Care we know it could hard choose or even finding a shampoo & conditioner that fits your hair best. Trust me I’ve been there ladies, I personally have thick and wavy hair. But I have a lot of hair tons of it, shout out to my hair stylist she gets a good arm workout when she dries my hair. LOL! Thanks to her she educated me on how harmful some of the products I was using on my own hair. I looked into it and totally decided its time to switch it up. I asked her what she recommended for my hair and she introduced me to Kevin Murphy.



“Targeted smoothing and refining shampoo cleanses, smoothes and softens thick, coarse or unruly hair. Monoi Oil, Sunflower Seed Extract, Murumuru Seed Butter control frizz while making hair smoother, shinier and stronger.”

This shampoo is a god sent, it smells amazing but leaves my hair fresh without the frizz. I have very oily hair but this stuff doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy the day after I’ve washed it.

SMOOTHAGAINRINSE to find a local salon who carries Kevin Murphy


“Targeted smoothing and refining conditioner for thick, coarse hair. Using ion-based cationic technology, Keratin Protein mimics the structure of proteins in the hair to fit seamlessly where it is needed most for smoothing and refining. Cocoa Seed Butter acts as a natural layer of protection to seal raspy and split ends while reducing frizz.”

Key Ingredients 

Monoi Oil
Contains a high concentration of Lauric Acid to penetrate hair shaft and smooth cuticle and control frizz.

Biomimetic Keratin Protein
Offers highly targeted repair of damaged leaving hair restored while adding a luminous shine.

Cocoa Seed Butter
Improves the hair’s flexibility while adding moisture and softness.

Brazil Nut Oil
Nourishes moisturizes and reconstructs hair to smooth hair, fight frizz and tame curls.


Until the next one!!




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