Fav Lash Glues!!!



We’ve all gone thru the heartbreak with lashes either with individual or a strip lash. Lashes could be hell to put on combined with patience, and praying to the lash gods that it’s a perfect application.

Here are my fav eyelash glues !!!

Ardell Lashtite Adhesive, Dark


The glue is waterproof, making it long lasting on individual eyelashes. The product’s design is suitable to use with Duralash eyelashes. The product’s formula makes it securely and comfortably attached up to six weeks. The property will enable you save money as it secures you for a good time.

I discovered this bad boy on amazon but recently learned its available on Walmart, for a way cheaper price. It says for individual lashes but I use it for strip lashes as well. Long lasting even if by mistake I leave them on overnight they’ll still be on the morning after.

Cardani LATEX FREE Secure Hold Glue for False Eyelashes


The product is Latex free formula, which is gentler than your skin. The product’s one of the world’s best-selling Eyelashes glue. This product is easy to apply with a brush applicator.

It’s available to purchase on amazon for the low,  trust me you’ll save. I personally use this glue on this special occasions cause your lashes will not fall off regardless on how much you dance. LOL!

Duo Lash Adhesive Dark & Clear


”This Duo lash adhesive is made of Nitrocellulose and Alcohol Denat that react well with your skin. It is one of the world’s best selling waterproof lash adhesive. The product is safe as they have a gentle formula. Mostly in tubes (dark and clear tones), which allows for countless applications because of only a thin line if the duo is required to create beautiful, eye-opening results. The tube’s strength ensures that lashes are easy to apply and that they stay in place.”

The product can mix with any strip lash and is one of the most preferred glues by makeup artist and department store cosmetic counters. The glue is waterproof, preventing you from embarrassment when you are in any occasion.

My only tip would be let the glue get tacky, really tacky so you get a good sticky application, I learned from my mistakes. You could find these glue in any local store, Ulta, Walgreens, and Rite Aid etc.

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