Summer Trends 2017

As you all know summer’s upon us, and your probably wondering, well what do I wear. If you’re like me you enjoy keeping up with the latest trends & fashion. So let’s dive into some fashion !!

 Seaside Stripes


You’ve probably seen stripes everywhere, beach umbrellas, pants, shirts, swimwear etc. so wouldn’t it be a trend this summer. Don’t scare away from the stripes!!



Who hasn’t worn khaki at least ONCE in their life? Or who’s owned a Khaki trench coat? It’s no mistake that khaki would be in trend this year, it’s classic. Whether is a jacket, skirt, or shorts.

Shades of Yellow


You never thought you’d never wear that yellow top you’ve had in the back of your closet. Well this time to bust it out, yellow is in. We are talking about various types of yellow. Don’t worry if you’re not ready to wear all that yellow, try a pop of color ease into that it.



Robes we’ve seen them worn by stars, or maybe you’ve worn one to bed. Now you can wear them in public and be super comfy, I’m here for it!!!! Pair it up with jeans, heels for date or dress. Get your robe on Y’all!

Shirt Dresses

















Shirt Dresses these are my fav! These are super comfy, perfect for summer. Pair it up wit sneakers, flats, etc. You could never go wrong with a shirt dress.

White Dresses


White dresses are in! It’s all about the flowy white maxi dress, reminding you as if your walking on a beach in Fiji. Don’t shy away ladies Labor day isn’t until September 4th.



Well, there you have it everyone, summer 2017 trends.

Let me know what you think of this year’s trends.


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