Loving Yourself: 🌸Body Positivity 🌸 

This afternoon I was on the bus and stumbled on this woman’s page. I am a proud supporter of loving your body, regardless on what size you are. EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL!

 Jazzie is an aspiring plus size model who wants to share with the world that it’s okay to love those stretch marks, and you tummy. We don’t have to be Skinny to be fit. 

Her IG is a_body_postive_jazzy check her out, I look forward in following her journey. Jazzy recently posted a photo of herself her husband but it’s the caption that speaks to you. 

Like come on ladies if that doesn’t make you feel all warm inside I don’t know what will . This caption speaks to me, I’ve always been insecure of my body especially with my bf but honestly idgaf he loves my body. He loves that i’m not your average chick. I’ve come to terms that I’m thick, and I have curves and it’s time for me embrace it. ♥️

So thank you Jazzi, thank you for letting me know my stretch marks & love handles are okay to have. 

Love you body ♥️

One thought on “Loving Yourself: 🌸Body Positivity 🌸 

  1. This is absolutely beautiful. You should love yourself no matter what. Or who you are. And honestly if people can’t accept it. They are blind. Everyone’s perfect in their own ways and beautiful. Loving yourself is honestly one of the most attractive traits you can have. But not so much you seem arrogant💓x


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