On Serious Note:

I stumbled on this photo early this morning while scrolling thru my IG feed, and this stuck to me. I’m not one to talk about politics but this is OUR EARTH, a place where our future children will live on so why not preserve and promote climate change for the better. We will take it one step at a time, let’s not walk away from America.


“Representatives from 196 nations made a historic pact on Dec. 12, 2015, in Paris to adopt green energy sources, cut down on climate change emissions and limit the rise in global temperatures — while also cooperating to cope with the impact of unavoidable climate change.”

The agreement acknowledges that the threat of climate change is “urgent and potentially irreversible,” and can only be addressed through “the widest possible cooperation by all countries” and “deep reductions in global emissions.”


Until the next one…


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