Kat Von D: 🖤 Saint & Sinner Fragrance 🖤

Well, the rumors were true, Kat Von D has announced the return of her Saint & Sinner perfumes. No worries it will have the same classic scent as before but in a handcrafted newly designed bottle. It will be in Sephora stores July 13th (International launching in October)



SAINT:  A sinfully sweet fragrance with fresh clary sage & sparkling Mirabelle Plum top, with a delicious heart of Almond flower. Sultry bottom notes of earthy cedarwood, warm vanilla, sexy musk round out the saintly fragrance.



SINNER:  Refreshing Mandarin fused with orange blossom and plum. Incorporates Jasmin essences with white flowers & cinnamon. While a base offers a mysterious blend of vetiver, and wood surrounded by vanilla & musk.



Launching in Sephora store July 13th

(International Launch in October)

No word yet on how much it will cost but yet, those details are still to come. 

I’m so excited for this new relaunch I loved her classic scents and was so sad when she discontinued. At the time I didn’t know what Kat had up her sleeve. Yes! Yes! Yes!

The new handcrafted design Kat spent a lot of time designing all original as well!



Kat, you don’t disappoint!!!



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