Beyonce: All about the Twins🍼🍼


It’s a Family of 5!!

Jay-z has confirmed the twins had been born, but many are confused was it 2 boys or a girl or boy? The beyhive needs answers, many suspected it was 2 boys. Many suspected as well that, Bey would be revealing the twins soon.


In the wee hours of Friday morning, Beyonce graced us with the first look of her beautiful twins.By early morning all social media platforms were buzzing🐝. She basically broke the internet, but who could blame her.


Introducing Sir Carter & Rumi Carter!!

The Carter’s welcomed Sir Carter (Boy) & Rumi (Girl) on June 14th, 2017. What a blessing!!! Babies & Bey look great!! Especially after giving birth a MONTH AGO!

Beyonce’s mother chimed in this morning on Instagram and posted the same photo with a lovely caption. Tina is such a happy grandma! Congratulations on the bundles of joy!!


Proud grandma indeed!!


In no time artists were recreating Bey’s photo, my fav so far Hayden Williams. GORGEOUS!! Breath taking as well!! Hayden;s work is flawless, classic, etc. Look him up on IG  Hayden_Williams. Great work Hayden! Keep it up!!


You know the paparazzi have been dying to get a glimpse of Beyonce since giving birth, but no luck. Until last night paps got the first look of Queen Bey last night. She looks great!!! In white mini dress, and white cropped jacket, small puff bag and black Alaia heels.







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